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Facade Mediterraniannes

  • Project date Dec 2011
  • Client Facade Mediteeranennes - France
  • Visit website Facade
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Facade Mediterraniannes is a French Client, they wanted a simple website and to be online in a weeks time and so they were. The layout is simple and easy to use, no complicated scripts, just a few pages and clean layout.


  • Project date Jan 2012
  • Client AADH : France
  • Visit website www.aadh.fr
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AADH is a Non Profit Organization who fights for Human Rights, children rights and women's rights world wide, they are a huge team of advocates from around the world. They did want a easy layout, initially this site was in a heavy flash file and took too much time to load. We re-created the same layout and HTMLized it. Now its simple, easy and fast to load.

360 Wild Sports

  • Project date Feb 2012
  • Client 360 Wild : Sports
  • Visit website www.360wild.com
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360Wild is a fun site, a few of my friends are MAD about fishing, they catch huge one every trip they go to fish, hence we thought we can showcase all the catch on a single page. Hence this is a simple script which scatters the photos as if we scatter on a table. Once you click it then the description and navigation pops up. Its a cool and fun site but needs constant updations though.


  • Project date Apr 2012
  • Client SMBR : France
  • Visit website www.bysmbr.fr
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By SMBR is a Archeological Restoration company, they are amongst the top restoration companies in the world. They wanted a quick and simple site to showcase they works in galleries.

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