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Multisteam Greens

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Multistream Greens in a Bio Gas production company. They have done extensive research in their field and excelled it. They produce BioGas from waste which was let out into the soil. This was harmful to the environment hence Multistream Greens has made technology which reduces 99% of the harmful waste, produce BioGas to fuel the factory and lets out clean water into the soil. We made a simple and functional website which was done in just 2 days time. The site is clean and easy to use.

Biba Embroidery

  • Project date March 2012
  • Client Biba Embroidery
  • Visit website Biba Embroidery
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BIBA Embroidery specialize in custom emboidery and unique designs. The site showcases their unique designs and talks about their infrastructure. The site house lots designs from many many years of production. There are many galleries to show the designs. We followed a creative design with a embroidery pattern like background to suit their business. The site is easy to navigate and creative.

Sai Craft

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360Wild is a fun site, a few of my friends are MAD about fishing, they catch huge one every trip they go to fish, hence we thought we can showcase all the catch on a single page. Hence this is a simple script which scatters the photos as if we scatter on a table. Once you click it then the description and navigation pops up. Its a cool and fun site but needs constant updations though.


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RTESL is a embedded trainging compaby in its inception, they wanted a simple a clean looking website with very less content. The site is clean and easy to navigate. This site is still under the works.

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