Web Design & Dev Simple, Large, CMS and Social Network Websites
Simple & Standard Websites

FacadeWeb design and development has been one of our main focus in GRAFIXION, we are experts in developing websites in real short time.

Our focus is to build elegant, easy to use, simple and clean websites at competitive costs. We use lots of technologies to give the right solutions. Our team will brainstorm on your ideas and requirement and will cook up the apt UI and UX. This option is designed for quick turn-around time.

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CMS Websites : Wordpress, Joomla, etc...

CMSWe create dynamic and exhaustive website when clients require very large data to be organized. Many features are integrated to give the perfect solution which can manupilate the data. We use open source tools like Wordpress, Joomla and the like. We have spent crazy amount of time and mastered these tools. We can customize to any kind of solution.

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Social Networking Websites

SocialIn today's madness each and every person on the net wants to connect to their family or friends. This has sparked many creative minds to venture into this market. We can provide a Facebook like solution where people can network an congregate. We use many tools and technologies to build this solution. Our experience has carved a niche in this market.

So think of an Idea to network and we'll do the rest.

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